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Civil Enforcement Officers park in disabled bay and then give parking ticket driver who couldn’t park there!Civil Enforcement Officers issue parking icket to disabled driver after parking in her disabled bay

Two civil enforcement officers (above) were today accused of leaving their car in a disabled bay - and then ticketing the driver whose disabled bay they had taken.

A witness said that the elderly, disabled woman was forced to park on double yellow lines because the civil enforcement officers had parked in her usual bay.

Shopkeeper Deen Siraj, 48, claimed that the woman went to get her Blue Badge parking badge from her house in Wimbledon but had been slapped with a ticket when she returned.

He said: “I saw the two of them parked in the disabled space. An elderly disabled lady came to park outside her home but couldn't.

“I told them that what they were doing was wrong but they just told me to mind my own business and said they could do whatever they wanted. I started taking photos of them and at first they were laughing but got angry in the end and swore at me.”

A spokesman for Merton council claimed: “The car was issued with a Penalty Charge Notice as it was parked on a double yellow line. Blue badge holders must display their blue badges in their car windscreen.”

Barrie's note:  This is absolutely disgraceful but sadly is not unusual as it's all part of the system to raise more revenue. I once started photographing a civil enforcement officer who was parked in a disabled bay and had started ssuing paking tickets.  His reaction was to push me!


Click on this link to read Merton Council Council's astonishing statement!

Picture courtesy of the Evening Standard

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