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It is very distressing to receive a Charge Certificate, Order for Recovery or Bailiff letter or visit if you have lodged all your appeals on time and/or completed the necessary Witness Statement or Statutory Declaration in time.

It is important to keep calm and make sure that you have all your paperwork to hand

It is very useful to draw up a time line giving details of the documents received and sent as well as the actions (e.g. 'phone calls) in a list.

You may find the list below helpful to copy and paste into a spreadsheet.

Click here for a detailed examination of Orders for Recovery , Witness Statements and Bailiff Visits

Please remember that if a "parking ticket" or "moving traffic contravention penalty charge notice (PCN) is issued  by CCTV camera the PCN is treated as a Notice to Owner and if the appeal is turned down by the council the next stage is an appeal directly to the Parking Adjudicator.  This is VERY important because if you miss this appeal you have lost your right to appeal.!


Date of Document or phone call

Date Received

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)



Payment Made?



Appeal to Local Authority or TFL



Reply from the authority



Notice to Owner (NTO)



Payment Made?



Appeal to Local Authority or TFL



Notice of Rejection



Payment Made?



Appeal to Parking Adjudicator



Letter of Acknowledgement from the Parking Adjudicator



Decision Letter from the Parking Adjudicator



Payment Made?



Charge Certificate



Payment Made?



Phone Call?



Order for Recovery



Payment Made?



Witness Statement or Stautory Declaration made?  If so give information.



Bailiff Letter



Bailiff Visit



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