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Got a council parking ticket or parking tickets?  Been Clamped or Towed Away?  

Do you run a Delivery Company, Courier company, Licensed Taxi Company or Private Hire Company? 

Are you being inundated with parking tickets?  Don't worry we can help! We have more than 20 years of experience in fighting parking ticket cases with groundbreaking successes at the Parking Adjudicator and the High Court (Our win in the High Court in the Moses - v - Barnet Case led to £300 million of parking tickets CANCELLED!!!).



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To learn about our bespoke PCN Appeal ServiceTM for transport companies, delivery companies, removal companies and taxi companies and other businesses, click on parking ticket fightback.

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Barrie Segal's Quick Guide To Fight Your Parking Ticket

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The Crazy Parking Ticket Awards 


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Whether you call it a Parking Ticket, Penalty Charge Notice, Parking Fine or PCN they are increasingly being issued unfairly.  Appealnow.com is the best website for information to help you appeal your unfair parking tickets, PCN appeal or parking appeal- after all visitors from 156 countries can't be wrong and we are in our 21st year(!) of helping the motorist.


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Tower Hamlets Council is issuing penalty charge notice refunds - for details click on Tower Hamlet Refunds.


New law bans CCTV use for most parking contraventions - Click CCTV Banned


10 Minutes grace period in paid for council parking bays! Click 10 Minutes grace period in paid for council parking bays

Even the Queen's protections officers have been clamped


Cycle Boxes  - Cycle Boxes may be introduced in London.  The proposed penalty for contravenely the regulations will be 3 POINTS on your license and a fine! More to follow!


Watch Barrie Segal on BBC One's Inside Out Programme!


The British Parking Association has previously expelled VP Parking Solutions and has terminated its membership of the Approved Operator Scheme.


Be Careful on Bank Holidays and the Intervening Week Ends!!!


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League table of diplomats owing the most in parking tickets!


Yellow lines and parking signs - Controlled Parking Zones - Car Clamping - Car Towing - Red Routes - Bus Lanes - Key Cases" decided by the Parking Adjudicator, Contravention Codes Yellow Box Junction. London local Authority Parking Ticket Websites

Metres travelled in Bus Lane

Box Junction Rules


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