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Delivery Companies, Courier Companies, Licensed Taxi Companies, Private Hire Companies.  If you receive Parking Tickets we can help you fight them!

We all know that parking tickets are big businesss for councils and other delivery companies are prime targets. When you add courier companies, licensed cab drivers and private hire drivers the councils' target list is massive.  At the moment delivery companies and removal companies are prime targets!

We can help you fight back!

Appealnow.com offers a complete bespoke PCN appeal service for

Transport and logistic companies

Delivery companies

Licensed taxi cab companies

Private hire companies and

Courier companies

Commercial companies

The business was founded by Barrie Segal who is both a Chartered Accountant specialising in business and systems as well as an expert on IT matters.  He has achieved success in representing the successful motorist in the High Court in Moses - v - Barnet, the landmark case on invalid and unenforceable PCNs.

Appealnow.com provides as much or as little assistance as you need ranging from the full outsourcing of your penalty charges to working with you to achieve a greater success rate in your appeals.

Our service is a bespoke service to fit your needs and we use or own propriety system which we have developed and refined over more than 17 years.

We have been acting for household name companies for more than 17 years and have achieved notable successes in landmark cases for them.

Barrie Segal has also been successful in obtaining restitution for parking tickets paid going back several years. His success can be measured by the fact that in all cases he was obliged to sign a non -disclosure agreement with council legal advisers.

Our Service in detail.

Initial System Analysis

1.      We work with you and examine your current system in detail and will provide you with a written protocol to enable you to successfully manage your appeals.

2.      It is important to note that our PCN management system integrates seamlessly with any system you use so disruption is minimal.

3.      You can choose all or some of the various options that we offer.

Training and Advice

We offer:

1.      Driver training to reduce the risk of getting PCNs.

2.      Management training to assist management in improving their logistical and management facilities to reduce the risk of getting PCNs.

3.      Advice on incentivising packages for drivers and staff

Site Visits

Civil Enforcement Officers are very aware of when and where you deliver and will often pounce on your vehicles delivering in these "target sites"

If you wish we will visit your delivery sites to work with you develop strategies to reduce the number of PCNs that you receive for each site and will offer a written parking ticket action plan (P-TAPTM) for each site to help minimise the PCNs received their

PCN Appeal ServiceTM

PCNs, Notices to Owner and CCTV issued PCNs

We will work with you using your software reports and lodge appeal against the PCNs, Notices to Owner and CCTV issued PCNs that you want us to appeal.  Our expertise in this field will alleviate you of the often complex appeal requirements and make sure that you have the greatest opportunity to have your PCNs cancelled when first appealed.

Appeals to the Parking Adjudicator

We will lodge appeals with the parking adjudicators at the various parking adjudicator tribunals thereby removing this burdensome task from your shoulders.  We deal with appeals at the following parking adjudication tribunals.

1.      London - the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service  (PATAS ) for those PCNs issued in London

2.      Outside London - the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) for PCNs issued outside of London.

3.      Scotland - the Scottish Parking Appeals Service (SPAS) for PCNs issued in Scotland.

Attending Appeals before the Parking Adjudicator

If you require we will attend any personal hearings on your behalf

Barrie Segal is probably the most experienced professional in this field having represented clients in thousands of appeals including representing the motorist in the High Court in the most famous winning case in the High Court case Moses - v - Barnet.  As a result of this case millions of pounds of PCNs were judged to be invalid and unenforceable.

Our Total Outsourced Service

We can take over the whole or any part of your PCNs administration to include all the above services as well as controlling the management reporting of your PCNs.


If you are interested in our complete bespoke PCN Appeal ServiceTM or require any further information please e-mail Barrie Segal at commerciial(@)appealnow.com


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