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Like most websites to improve your internet experience we set cookies. This enables us to remember you whilst you are visiting our website (this is referred to as a "session cookie"). To enable us to remember you for future visits we may set a cookie which is called a persistent cookie.

Cookies have different tasks. They help you navigate more efficiently between various pages on a website and often store your preferences to assist in improving your browsing experience. Normally cookies enable you to work faster on the website.

Some websites may also use cookies so that they can target you for advertising or marketing messages.

Different websites sit cookies differently. Sometimes they are set by the website you are physically visiting, the so-called first party cookies. Additionally other websites may well set cookies if those websites are supplying say content to the page you're looking at - - these are called third-party cookies.

If you examine a cookie it is a basic text file which is stored on your PC or Mac or even your mobile phone.  It is placed there by a website's server. Only that particular server will be able to retrive and recognise the cookie or read it.

Some web browsers have add ons which enable you to determin as a defaultwhether you will permit all cookies (including persistent cookies) or all session coolies allowed cookies or block all cookies.  In the latter case they also allow you to permit all cookies (including persistent cookies) or all session cookies for individual websites.


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