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Another USA authority gets tough on parking ticket non payers!

For the previous 2 years, merely a single delinquent parking ticket in Allentown would end up with your vehicle wheel clamped (the Denver boot!) .

Allentown Parking Authority officers considered that simply by targeting car owners as a result of one overdue parking ticket, they might possibly help save everybody - the city, the judges and the motorists themselves - time and dollars. It might possibly in addition aliviate an enormous organizing encumbrance from the court.

This view turned out to be right because this past year, the courts sent out one-third less warrants for parking tickets compared to


The authority is additionally handing out less fines in total, as well as less wheel clamps.

Before the new clamping policity was was initiated, a motorist with 5 unsettled parking fines ended up being promptly towed away.

In 2009, the authority commenced sending out reminder letters after a parking ticket was was overdue for thirty days.Afterr 45 days they started putting wheel clamps on vehicles.

The cost of parking tickets begin at ten dollars, dependent upon the violation. Motorists have got ten days to fork out the fee, after which time the fine starts escalating the more time an motorist requires to be able to pay it off it.

Right after a ticket is unsettled for sixty days, the court sends out a parking warrant, enabling the motorist's motor vehicle to be towed away!


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