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Civil Enforcement Officer Caught Riding Wrong Way Down One-Way Street In Newham

A civil enforcement officer was spotted on camera driving the wrong way down a one-way road just before hestarted issuing parking tickets to local drivers.

Newham Council's civil enforcement officer neglected all of the regulations when he ended up being caught on camera in Manor Park in April of this year.

But his misfortune was to wind up being captured on the Cctv camera of a firm specialising in CCTV equipment .

Video clip from AD Electrical Services' video cameras reveals him riding on his motorbike directly into oncoming traffic when he appeared to spot illegally parked vehicles in Romford Road.

After dishing out parking tickets to the cars left on a single yellow line, the video footage shows him riding away in the right direction this time(!) but just avoiding a moving motor vehicle.

He next took one hand from the handle bars to make a motion to furious bystanders who had earlier challenged him.

Parking bosses declared that they do not condone the warden’s actions plus have started an enquiry.

A representative for the Local authority said that they consider these kinds of grievances seriously and an enqury was already ongoing.

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