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Hull City Parking Error Costs Motorist £400 penalty following civil enforcement officer’s mistake Driver Ian Norfolk endured a long legal fight and fell into arrears on his mortgage after having to pay £400 for a penalty charge - even though a civil enforcement confirmed that it had been a slip-up. Ian's red Citroën still had an hour left in a pay and display car park when he was issued with a £25 fine. Ian stated that the warden acknowledged that his ticket was shown correctly with a bona fide time but, as she had just recorded it, he would need to appeal to the council.. Ian tried quite a few times to get the ticket overturned. Moreover he also obtained confirmation from the courts to confirm that there was no liability!. Inspite of this Council pursued him for the "fine" because he had lodged an asppeal day late . The council then sent bailiffs to his house in February of this year. Shockingly they claimed that he owed the gigantic figure of £434.36! Mr Norfolk forked out the full amount under protest but the payment put him behind on his mortgage. A council spokesman stated that its officer issued the parking ticket incorrectly they would refund the money

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