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Camden Council may have to refund tens of thousands of pounds after 50 motorists each day had been fined for making a wrong turn - even though a road sign instructed them to do so.

Camden council admits 1,414 drivers could have been incorrectly given penalty charge notices for making a right-hand turn towards Midland Road at King's Cross, precisely as a diversion sign indicated.

[Note: These contraventions are called moving traffic contraventions and are governed by the  London Local Authorities & Transport for London Act 2003]
The motorists were filmed by a CCTV car parked near the turning in Camley Street during a 4 week period in October and November last year during which the sign was in place.

One motorist who won his appeal was locksmith Laurence Wynter.  He won his appeal against his fine after he returned to the site next to St Pancras station and took photographs.

Mr. Wynter said: "I am livid because I have spent a lot of time defending myself. I have had to go back to the site myself to get evidence, which most people wouldn't have done.

"I wanted the council at least to pay me back what it cost me to park when I went back to the junction, but they point-blank refused. The council should let off all the other people who have been caught."

Camden council claims the diversion sign had been tampered with and denied the CCTV car was deliberately trying to catch out motorists. A spokesman said: "As roadworks were undertaken at Pancras Way, diversion signs were erected to ensure that motorists followed the correct road layout.

"After a penalty charge notice was issued to a motorist it was reported to the council that signage may have been in place that directed motorists incorrectly. After visiting the site, officers from the council found that a temporary sign had been tampered with.

"As other signage showing the correct diversion route was in place a decision was taken to remove the temporary sign that had been tampered with.

"Where representations have been made to the council we have considered appeals, dealing with each one on a case-by-case basis and cancelling where appropriate."

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