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US President Barack Obama was requested to fork out the congestion charge pertaining to his protection car "The Beast", Boris Johnson disclosed.

The Mayor said that every car in the President's motorcade is going to be billed for £10 - including the bomb-proof security Cadillac.The Mayor in addition reported that he'd a conversation with Mr Obama concerning the United States embassy's refusal to fork out £5.3 million in Congestion Charge penalties.

However the embassy
explained its posture on failing to pay the Congestion Charge has been "totally in compliance with the established protocol on the taxation of a countries diplomats. Mr Johnson stated: that the streets weren't shut throughout the President's visit so his vehicles have to pay. The Beast will have to pay the charge too.

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He explained that they did not bill the Pope at the time he was here because all of the streets were closed, therefore the Pope's vehicle was exempt. He went on that this situation was completely different."

Mr Johnson brought up
the problem of the United States embassy's outstanding Congestion Charge fines with the US President at a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. He explained that they all had an extremely warm and friendly discussion and that conversations will certainly be continuing."

A spokesperson on behalf of the Mayor later on said that they
presently owe £5.3 million so it's likely the charge for the motorcade will be added."

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