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A motorist's parking ticket victory could see thousands of tickets from spy cars scrapped.  What has happened as a resultoof that decision?

Rachel Johnson, 34, had her 3 car parking ticket fines quashed after arguing that there have been no warning indications or digns.

1000's of motorists stung by car parking fines right after becoming photographed by smart cars with periscope-mounted cameras could get refunds right after the landmark ruling.

Unless councils set up indications warning motorists that the spy vehicles are in vicinity, the tickets are invalid, a tribunal ruled. Councils are using the vehicles to focus on illegal car parking, removing the need forparking attendants to put a ticket on a windscreen. Instead, drivers who park illegally have their car photographed and receive their fine via the post. The ruling came after Rachel Johnson obtained 3 £60 fines as based on pictures taken by the ‘spy camera’.

Miss Johnson, 34, who runs an off licence in New Brighton, Merseyside, told how she challenged Wirral Borough Council use of the car.

Miss Johnson decided to appeal her situation to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. The tribunal ruled the tickets had been invalid because of the lack of indicators or signs warning motorists that they may be photographed.

The ruling could open the floodgates for 1,000's of other appeals from motorists across the UK. The periscope-mounted camera cars were first trialled in London in early 2007 prior to being rolled out across the United Kingdom. It's estimated much more than 30 councils now use the spy cars.



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