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How can we help? is run by Barrie Segal who often appears on television (BBC, ITV, Channel 5, ABC News in the USA) and radio (You and Yours and many more) and other news media giving his expert opinion on parking tickets and parking ticket law. offers a low-cost parking ticket appeal service designed to help you.

While the parking ticket appeals process is free for anyone to use, there is a natural reticence on the part of most of us to get involved with the bureaucratic process - which can be both confusing and time consuming.

Our aim, at is to to provide you with a service where if you want to appeal your parking ticket we put your appeal into a proper form for submission to the local authority or Transport for London.

What's more we dispatch the appeal for you!!


We've made it as simple as possible!

Important! is not connected in any way with local authorities, parking control organisations or the parking ticket appeals authority. We are able to submit your appealwithout fear or favour

Our fee for this service starts at a low £23.99 for an appeal letter.

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Even though the parking ticket appeals process in the UK is a free service, knowing how to lodge an appeal and in what format to make your claims can be confusing and time consuming.

In order to simplify the process so that you can maximise your chances of a successful appeal, we have developed a process where you can supply the basic details to us and we will write the appeals letter for you.

The cost for this service varies according to what kind of appeal you wish to lodge as an example:

Parking ticket as low as

Wheel Clamp

Towing Away

How to appeal!

Follow the steps after registering.

We are here to help

With parking fines rising all the time the cost of a parking ticket, being wheel clamped or towed away can be a painful experience.

While in no way encourage illegal parking, we do feel that the evidence suggests that many tickets and penalty charges are questionable at best and illegal at worst. Certainly parking attendants are quick to act against you for the smallest transgressions that common sense would once have overlooked. That is why we offer our services to help you to reverse the charges when common sense should prevail, but bureaucracy gets in the way.(*)

Click this button to start your parking ticket appeal right now!
Reversing the charges




Please note that we can only submit appeals for you against Penalty Charge Notices issued by local authorities or Transport for London issued under the following legislation:
The traffic Management Act 2004 (in England and Wales)
The Road Traffic Act 1991 (in Scotland)
London Local Authorities Acts
Congestion Charge legislation
We no longer submit appeals to the parking adjudicator.
We do not submit appeals against so called Private "Parking Tickets".


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