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Westminster Council ignore all criticism and use" underhand" methods to change single yellow lines to double yellow lines and thus getting rid of more than 1,000 parking spaces.

Any council leader whose council’s actions were described as “underhand” might consider resigning or changing the council’s policies.

If the council’s actions were also described as “deeply cynical” this might add weight to that thought of resigning.

Perhaps if the phrase “an appalling breach of faith” was used to describe the council’s actions might this spur on the leader of the council to resign.

You would think that the fact that these criticisms came from no less a person than Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor, might just tip the balance. But no - the sheer arrogance of Colin Barrow and the council means that the backdoor changes in Westminster City Council’s parking enforcement will start on 9th January 2012 when they change more than 1,000 yellow line parking spaces to double yellow lines.

Will this reduce congestion? No of course not.

Will it increase the issue of penalty charge notices – parking tickets to you and me? Of course yes it will.

I wonder if Londoner’s have thought of the revenues that Westminster Council might generate from what Boris Johnson described as their underhand and deeply cynical proposals to get rid of more than 1,190 yellow line parking spaces by changing them to no parking double yellow lines. As a chartered accountant I found the exercise most interesting. If one assumes that conservatively 5% of those now unusable parking spaces give rise to parking tickets then this will generate 59 parking tickets per day. At the discounted rate of £65 this would generate £3,835 per day – just under £1.4 million per year!

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