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St. Petersburg's Denver Boots recover $25,000 in outstanding parking fines in a a single month.

Tattoo parlor proprietor Brandon Pearce accumulated in excess of $1,000 in parking fines and late charges just before he was made to pay out.

It was not a police officer at his front door or a magistrate's writ that ultimately made him settle his debts. It was actually the Denver Boot on his cherished 2007 Cadillac CTS. His vehicle was clamped in the downtown parking spot till he paid for his penalties, which he did within a few minutes of finding out that the boot was fitted to the vehicle's wheel.

St. Petersburg's booting plan commenced on April 22 and has to date has brought in almost $25,000 in delinquent penalties. In total, thirty-three motor vehicles - linked with four hundred and fifty delinquent parking tickets - were imobilised.

Dave Metz, the municipality's top director of internal services said that each person had paid up.

The method was proposed a year ago by Mayor Bill Foster to assist recovering $2 million in unsettled parking penalties dating back to 2003. The City Authorities authorised an ordinance which made it possible for parking enforcement officers to attach metal immobilsation equipment on the motor vehicles recorded to owners who have got 3 or over parking fines, or that have 1 unsettled fine for illegal parking in a disabled space.

The vehicle owner has twenty four hours to pay for a $25 booting bill plus the outstanding penalties or face the danger of getting towed away. During the program's initial thirty day period, 3 vehicles were towed away.

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