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TV personality Donna Air has been cleared by a jury of an alleged fraud relating to a residents parking permit.

The fraud allegation was brought by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea council who issued her with a residents parking permit

Miss Air already had a a residents parking permit from Westminster City Council and had moved to Kensington & Chelsea and had applied for a permit there.  Because she had a Westminster permit she was not entitled to a Kensington & Chelsea residents parking permit.

In fact what she should have done was surrended her Westminster residents parking permit before applying for the K&C residents parking permit.

In fact she got a parking ticket (penalty charge notice) from a civil enforcement officer when she displayed both residents parking permits in her car.

In court the the jury returned in less than a quater of an hour with the not guilty verdict.



* parkings tickets (penalty charge notices) are issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004 by civil enforcement officers.

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