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Robert Wann, Lord Mayor of Leceister, has been reported to the local authority's standards board over allegations that several parking tickets which he had received had been cancelled by at least one senior executive at the council.


The allegations are that 3 [according to the Daily Telegraph 5 were cancelled] parking tickets that Mr. Wann had been given were cancelled during the time that he was a member of the city council cabinet. Another allegation is that he was subsequently assigned a free parking permit which he wasn't entitled to.

Councillor Wann stated that he not in a position to comment whilst the matter was in the process of being considered by the authority's standards board.

It is understood that Councillor Wann accepts that the parking tickets were written off and he obtained the parking permit, but he does not agree that he has done something inappropriate.

The complaints against Councillor Wann have previously been considered by a panel of the local authority's councillors, who decided to start an internal investigation.

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