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Here is another “Ghost Ticket” case where the motorist was so outraged by the behaviour of the civil enforcement officer that she took the case to the Parking Adjudicator and won! 

The facts were that the motorist was not handed a penalty charge notice ( parking ticket) nor was one placed on the vehicle.  The civlil enforcement officer claimed to have handed the penalty charge notice to the motorist.  This is a frequent scam which is used to explain why there is no picture of the parking ticket on the vehicle! 

Details of decision of the parking adjudicator at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service - PATAS.

Contravention:    Parked in a residents or shared use pay without displaying a permit, voucher or Pay & display ticket
Appeal Decision:    Allowed
Direction:    Cancel the Penalty Charge Notice and the Notice to Owner.
Reasons:    The Appellant attended for a personal hearing at which she explained that she returned to her vehicle and found the civil enforcement officer beside the car taking down details. She indicated that she disagreed with the alleged time and that she was going to drive off. She did so and was not served with any Penalty Charge Notice.

The Authority relies on the record of the civil enforcement officer. The officer's notes contain full details of the vehicle including the number of the road fund licence and a note that the Penalty Charge Notice was handed to the driver. There are no photographs.

I found the Appellant to be a reasonable and credible witness. I note that she requested that the officer should attend the hearing.  

I am not satisfied in this case that this Penalty Charge Notice was properly served and this appeal is therefore allowed.

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Do remember if you stand up to fight your parking ticket you can win!


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