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Parking Tickets for stopping on Red Routes

There is an interesting distinction between the way that Red Routes and normal Parking Enforcement is signed.

Under parking enforcement law double yellow lines are a 24/7 prohibition against waiting AND DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGN TO ACCOMPANY THEM!  The mere presence of the double yellow lines is sufficient warning of the 24/7 prohibition although occasionally councils do put up "NO WAITING" signs.

Double red lines however, although they are a 24/7 prohibition against STOPPING, MUST be accompanied by a 'RED ROUTE" sign with beneath that "NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME".  If you stop you will get a parking ticket.

Single red lines have less than 24/7 stopping restrictions.  These restrictions must be indicated by a sign which will say  "RED ROUTE" then beneath that for example "NO STOPPING MON-SAT 7am - 7 pm" .

The Red Route "NO STOPPING " signs have the sign for no stopping on a Red Route to the left of the words "NO STOPPING".  This sign is a circle with a red perimeter with a blue interior inside which are two red diagonal lines forming a cross.  See image             

Loading on a Red Route.

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To appeal your Red Route Parking Ticket click here


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