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Here are some of the testimonials that we have received in dealing with parking tickets and penalty charge notices over the last eleven years.

Please accept my thanks for your most helpful assistance in this matter. It seems that UKPC - and others like them - do not like Joe Public knowing the law and our rights!

Regards and Thanks


Hi Barrie

Thank you very much for your advice about parking charges.

I recently parked for three or more hours in a parking bay at the filling station of a service station on the M1. I was ill when I drove in and I wasn't much better when I left. CP Plus billed me for £110/£60 a week later.

After reading your pages I wrote to CP Plus politely explaining the circumstances and enclosing my cheque for £10, the parking fee that I should have paid. They wrote back promptly saying that my appeal had been upheld and that the matter was closed. This morning they sent me a similar letter and returned my cheque.

All credit, of course, to you too. Without your advice I wouldn't have written to CP Plus at all.


Dear Barrie
Please see attached. Surprisingly - [the council] have conceded and cancelled the PCN.
Many thanks for your help and advice.
I have just purchased your Crazy Parking book from Amazon and look forward to a few laughs.
.... if I ever am in trouble again, I will be in touch.
I am sure your name made them sit up and think!!
Keep on doing a great job
CC  4th April 2012

"Firstly, I think your site is brilliant and I'd love to shake your hand for every unfair parking ticket you've helped reverse!  What an inspired service you offer.... a 'Robin Hood of the roads'.

KH 5th August 2011.

"Just to let you know that I won my parking appeal ....... and I am sure it was mainly due to your guidance.  My thanks".

YN  30th July 2011

From Honest John the highly respected motoring correspondent in the Daily Telegraph!

Where Segals dare

Last October I drove my daughter to Sutton, so she could buy a mobile phone suitable for use with her impaired vision. I lost my way and stopped to ask a postman for directions. About a week later I received a penalty charge notice from Transport for London, charging me with an alleged parking contravention – stopping on a red route or clearway. I sent an email to TfL ..............................

This is typical of TfL, I'm afraid, but you might be able to get Barrie Segal to fight this for you. Go to

Honest John

"Hi just to let you know i  have received a letter regarding my parking ticket and the notice has been cancelled.Once again i must thank you for this.It is the second time  i have used your service.

Many thanks

DS" 27/03/2010

"Not sure how you did it, but Chelsea and Kensington Council have just written to me to cancel the parking ticket and refunded me £260 for wrongly towing the car.  ...... I am not sure how you worked your magic but thank you very much.  And if I get another ticket I will definitely be in touch again!!


But for the true champion of public rights it is difficult to go past Barrie Segal, who fights the good fight for anyone in a parking pickle in the UK and seems to be making quite a fist of it.

Stuff (New Zealand)

Stuff is New Zealand's award winning news and information website, bringing together the vast resources of Fairfax New Zealand Ltd several hundred journalists and photographers around the country to provide a single online 'publication'.

Dear Mr Segal
Thank you so much for your very prompt and helpful reply which I greatly appreciate. I will let you know how I get on. Again many thanks and all best wishes for the fantastic work you are doing.


I have been subscribed to your, Newsletter, for a while now. I enjoy your emails and think your helping the public in a great way


Thank you so much for you quick response, you have given me new hope. 

Again Thank you 


"On your advice my wife sent the attached letter. We heard no more until I called. They claim to have sent a letter on 30 September.

She has finally received it.  I am pleased to confirm that due to the circumstances explained in your letter, the penalty notice has now been cancelled"

THANK YOU for all you do.


Thank you for your support in dealing with this case. I have forwarded you[r] details to all in my address book.


Barrie - Keep up the good work!



Thank you Barrie - I will do just that.  We are again extremely grateful for your help and kindness.

Very best, 


"Thank you for your advice a few weeks ago regarding the notorious [deleleted] private parking management company.  After two appeal letters I finally received a letter on Saturday stating the the Penalty Charge Notice has been waived and no further action is required by me.
I am thrilled with the result but as you know this is an old fashioned numbers game. 

Many thanks for your assistance.
I am pleased to report that the appeal was successful at the second stage and the council has finally rescinded the PCN.

Dear Barrie

Thank you so much for your informative newsletter. 



Dear Mr Segal

I just thought I would let you know that XXXX [deleted for confidentiality] Council capitulated and
withdrew before the date of the adjudicator's hearing.

I am most grateful to you for your help ....

Again, many thanks.

Hi Barrie

Just a quick note to let you know that XXXXX
[deleted for confidentiality] Council has cancelled the PCN due to a technical error.Thanks for your great help and keep up your good work. I will no doubt be recommending your services to others in the future.
Best wishes


"Dear Mr Segal - You will be pleased to know that the London Borough of XXX [deleted for confidentiality] have decided not to contest my appeal and as such my [Parking Adjudication] hearing is cancelled.  Common sense prevails.  Thanks again for your encouragement."




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