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Parking fines are to be introduced by Scarborough Hospital.

Drivers who fail toadhere to parking rules at Scarborough Hospital will be fined under new measures.

Scarborough NHS Trust is to employ two car parking attendants to patrol Scarborough Hospital’s car park.

The Trust have stated that the introduction of “car park management” is a response to feedback from individuals, site visitors, bus firms and employees, rather than a way to boost income.

Previously, signs warned motorists to follow guidelines but no staff members had been employed to enforce them.

Attendants will to begin with by issuing warning notices, before fines of £30, escalating to £60 after 14 days, are introduced.

James Hayward, director of facilities, indicated that  many buses and delivery vehicles have found it difficult to navigate the roads around the hospital due to improper car parking.  He went on to say that in order to enhance the security of both drivers and pedestrians, The Trust's Executive Group had agreed to introduce correct management controls.

“We know, from talking to local people, that car parking and access to hospital is an important issue. Our travel plan aims to help reduce car parking demand and traffic congestion on site.”

He added that steps could be taken to encourage more individuals to use public transport and also the "park and ride scheme" when visiting or attennding the hospital.

With acknowledgement to the Scarborough Evening News.



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