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Not everyone is prepared to go to prison to fight a parking ticket. But one man did that!

Parking ticket rebel, David Lewis says he is not afraid to return to prison

Parking ticket rebel, David Lewis says he is not afraid to return to prison

A parking fine rebel who had previously been sent to prison for refusing to pay up three parking tickets has stated he will go off to prison yet again rather than back down. Dave Lewis, of Connaught Road, Roath, Cardiff, spoke out following his latest ticket for parking in a residents’ bay was thrown out of court.

He refused to pay for a parking permit under Cardiff council’s scheme, which charges residents to park without guaranteeing an available space to park. The authority, which took control of parking enforcement in July, said a draft scheme for consultation was due in 2011.

The fine was scrapped after Mr Lewis’ lawyers argued that the latest parking ticket should have been dealt with in the same case which saw him sentenced to three-and-a-half days in prison. Mr Lewis, 46, was freed from prison at the start of September. But he is due to appear before Cardiff magistrates twice again next month over three other parking tickets. He said that he had not been expecting a reprieve at court yesterday.

“It’s a relief but I wouldn’t say I was expecting it,” he said. “You never know what will happen but I was hoping that was going to be the case. “I’ve got more court appearances and they’ll be fining me. I might ask the court to have the matter dismissed because they could have heard them together, saving the court time.”

And Mr Lewis, who has lived in Connaught Road for the last 10 years, stated that he did not think the current residents’ parking scheme would be changed, even despite the fact that the local authority has pledged to re-appraise the policy. There are 358 properties in the street at 121 addresses. Mr Lewis estimates that there are only between 75 and 80 residents’ only spaces.

He said: “I really don’t see it changing as it is too much of a cash cow for the council. But I will be continuing my position of refusing to pay. “I have got three tickets outstanding. They will fine me and I will refuse to pay, and they will be sending me back to prison. Once those three tickets are out of the way hopefully I won’t get any more.”

He stated people in Roath had been supportive of his stand against the scheme. “Round this area I’ve had overwhelming support; it’s been fantastic,” he said. A spokeswoman for Cardiff council said: “A review of all residential parking in the city is currently under way and all aspects are being examined, including the allocation of both permits and blue badges. A draft scheme for consultation will be published early next year.”

Barrie's comments: I have spoken to Dave Lewis and he has a very good point about the council not providing enough spaces for the charges they are levying. Don't forget contact for all your parking ticket questions.

Don't forget contact for all your parking ticket questions.




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